The Braidense Library, third in importance in Italy, is part of the museum complex of the Pinacoteca di Brera, and has inaugurated the new International Research Center on Childhood Culture and

a new Space has been created dedicated to didactic activity, which will contain publishing workshops and educational activities to increasingly develop research and the culture of books.

The Space completely refitted by Gruppo Pozzi is enriched even more by the offer of the Library, welcoming educational and laboratory activities in a versatile way.

Inside the classroom there is a glass bookcase for the collection of artist’s books from the Hundred Friends of Books. The installation was designed to accommodate the material and tools necessary for teaching activities and workshops that will also cover typography, chalcography and bookbinding. Particular attention was also dedicated to light. For the artificial one, spotlights were chosen from above which, hung on rails in the center of the vault, ensures the illumination of all the work floors in the center of the room; the windows have been fitted with adjustable curtains that allow you to darken the room, which is also equipped with a projector and a small screen. The worktops are modular and can be combined, allowing you to carry out different types of activities and in different ways of use, from individual to that in small groups or collective, from frontal lessons to informal learning.