Gruppo Pozzi is proud to have taken part in the realization of the new extraordinary Biotherm showroom opening inside Monaco’s Oceanographic Institute.

“… a high-tech hub where science, sustainability and skincare meet.  The micro format, non-transactional space, reflects our ambition to demonstrate physically our core values through experiential moments.  Entering through a circular door and mirrored tunnel, visitors are immersed in a space of scientific learning and discovery. Two key areas define the compact floor plan: a demonstrative research lab and a workshop area. The research lab reveals the complex Life Plankton methodology, visualising in microscopic detail how it is produced, and showcases the restorative properties and regenerative compounds in its resulting product range. Taking centre stage in an alcove overlooking the sea is the workshop area, a space for both hands-on and digitally immersive experiences. A central circular table is surrounded by captivating floor to ceiling projections displaying live generative visuals. Through movement, visitors can interact with the visuals in real time, layering abstract representations of the ingredients and Life Plankton to create bespoke pieces of digital artwork and understand the complex science at the heart of the brand.” from Thibaut Rouganne-Biotherm Linkedin’post