This is the question we all should ask to ourselves, thinking about our future.

Gruppo Pozzi answered concretly, embracing a route towards a sustainable design whit its PLAN – T project, since every internal process and decision is aimed to sustainability:

a) Become carbon neutral by 2025

b) Use 100% electricity from renewable energy

c) Continue the charity program with Padri Somaschi Foundation

d) Maintain the “Golden Rules” to low the enviromental impact

e) Continue Welfare Program for employees

The strong experience achieved over the years, made Gruppo Pozzi able to offer to its partners a valuable and professional sustainability consultancy.

What do we offer?

1. We analyse your market and your projects (existing or in progress) to find new solutions that can improve the sustainability

2. We lead our customers to a new way of designing and analyse their project lifecycle in order to bring them to the best results

3. We work using 100% energy from renewable sources and with a low CO2 production plant

4. We have set ourselves the goal to become carbon neutral by 2025 and compensate our CO2 emissions through planting trees for each project, named after the customer’ brand

Our Sustainability Consultancy is made of different steps: situation analysis (customer’s market and possible constraints), then its materials analysis (checking for better alternatives), finally we observe the methods of assembly and disassembly to improve the quantity and quality of recyclable materials and eventually give suggestion about more green one.

Consultancy ends with a a diagram showing deviations on key parameters. The objective is to low CO2 emissions in all phases, included logistic one, and start a recycle program, always trying to offer a second life to the materials used.

Gruppo Pozzi created a database of eco-sustainable, recyclable and renewable materials (Materioteca) to be evaluated and compared at every project.

Sustainability has always been an essential value for us: let’s improve together our planet and our life!