Although Covid 19 has frozen the world, we have never stopped working for ours customers, as we have always done in the last 30 years to date.

In these lockdown weeks in Lombardy, we have made safe all our employees by guaranteeing them the opportunity to work in smart working or to continue their work with the appropriate protections and today we are finally ready to start again with grit and determination on the market.

We drew strengh from this forced pause that led us to review and optimize proceses, production flows and push the accelerator even more on the high-tech component and eco-sustainable fitting.

To answer to changing market needs, Pozzi Group has decided to combine the historical production of tailor-made solutions for high-end customers, with a new products’ range for the protection health of staff and customers within the stores.

“With the new Involucri brand we are able to produce and install in store solutions that safeguard the lives of sales staff and customers who are returning to normal life” proudly declares Ruggero Andrea Pozzi CEO Pozzi Group “We have designed and create solutions that allow you to measure body temperature, to dispense sanitizing gel and to protect sales people trough acrylic protecting barriers. Everything also in customized version.

Let’s resume production, let’s resume living.