Gruppo Pozzi, design company with over 30 years of international experience, launches the Involucri brand: a complete range of solutions to manage the COVID 19 emergency.

Gruppo Pozzi – specialized in luxury fittings – has decided to convert part of its production into the development of anti-Covid 19 solutions to support Italian entrepreneurship during this tough phase in our country.

Involucri new brand, offers anti-Covid 19 solutions thanks to the protective devices dedicated to public and private places that allow to measure body temperature, dispense sanitizing gel and ensure the safety of peoplewith the help of protective barriers and spacers.

“With the new Involucri brand we are able to produce and install solutions that make people safe when they are starting to live normally again” proudly declares Ruggero Andrea Pozzi , CEO of Gruppo Pozzi.

Even in this moment of uncertainty, Gruppo Pozzi has decided to move proactively, with the desire to return to normality as soon as possible with a greater sense of responsibility and in total safety. A positive example of how a crisis situation can create a new business opportunity at the service of the community.

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