Gruppo Pozzi, is a leading design company in the production of commercial furniture for the most important cosmetic companies, we are specialized in turnkey projects in the Retail sector, using innovative materials that allow maximum quality, energy saving and sustainability.

Thanks to the experience gained in over 30 years of commercial furniture design, we are able to offer unique and unconventional design solutions for the pharmacy market. We take care of the extension, the renovation and we offer synergistic solutions for stores that intend to embrace the automation of the warehouse, reinterpreting the classic format and creating a new image to meet the needs of the customer in a unique and authentic way.

Today we are able to develop the identity of your pharmacy thanks to an effective design, which focuses on the consumer, to improve the quality of his time, stimulate his purchase and encourage his stay. We have raised the quality standards to offer your customer a complete path, built around him, through ergonomic spaces where beauty, brightness, functionality allow a synergy and communication between the various departments.

We focused above all on offering the pharmacist a new concept that would enhance his relationship with the customer, to help him establish a meaningful relationship that would restore value, trust, satisfaction and increase consumer loyalty.

We also develop customised technological solutions and conctactless testers to highlight the product and guarantee its integrity and maximum safety.