Tuesday June, 9th at 17.30 Gruppo Pozzi will take part at the online event “Banks and Companies in real economy: strategies to overcome new challenges”.

The event, planned by Il Giorno – National Newspaper of Economy & Business and Bper Banca, will represent an interesting occasion for companies and banks to meet, putting on the table on one side companies needs and on the other opportunities developed by banks to support economy after lockdown.

Beside to Ruggero Andrea Pozzi, Gruppo Pozzi CEO, the event will host Alessandro Vandelli, BPER Banca CEO, Marco Grillo, Abitare In Spa CEO, Vittorio Moretti, President of Terra Moretti srl, Marco Nespolo, Fedrigoni Spa CEO, Davide Scarpazza, Bending Spoons Spa Finance & Accounting Manager; all the guests will give an important point of views of their specific market areas: luxury design, digital economy, handcraftship, real estate and hospitality. The roundtable will be presented by Sandro Neri, Director of QN Il Giorno.

An unmissable event, where we’ll have the opportunity to learn the actual sinergy between businesses and banks in one of the most productive region of Italy, Lombardy, unfortunately also the most damnaged by Covid19.

The roundtable will be available in live streaming at www.ilgiorno.it and on its Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/IlGiorno.