GRUPPO POZZI, your Travel Retail Partner in TFWA

GRUPPO POZZI, your Travel Retail Partner in TFWA

  • Posted on 19 February 2018
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Gruppo Pozzi, interior design company specialized in Retail and Travel Retail funitures, has over 15 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing furnitures and booths for the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes.

Thanks to our proximity to Cannes and to the support of our Paris offices, Gruppo Pozzi provides its Customers of a reliable logistics and a Team of dedicated Project Managers.
Gruppo Pozzi is then particulary proud of playing a role at the TFWA, considering that it is not only the World’s biggest Duty Free and Travel Retail event but also the best indicator of TR’s industry trends.

In particular, we are pleased to have developed some TFWA projects with our client L’Oreal, that celebrated its 40th anniversary of its travel-retail division.
The importance of TR for L’Oreal is highlighted by L’Oreal TR Managing Director Vincent Bonay, as quoted by DFNI: “Travel Retail is a key channel for winning new consumers. L’Oréal already has extensive expertise and strong relationships with client-retailers, and has high ambition for the future of the channel.”

TFWA 2017 also highlighted the growing enthusiasm for the integration of technology to engage travellers. The TFWA Digital Village of TFWA Cannes 2017 reached its goal by presenting an impressive technological showcase that ran alongside the Exhibition and Conference in Cannes.
Also Gruppo Pozzi, with its in-house LAB within the Milan Headquarter, strongly believes in the growing relevance and success of the integration of interactive technology in Retail furnitures.

According to Gruppo Pozzi CEO Ruggero Andrea Pozzi : “The integration of Technology in Retail is a leading instrument to enhance customer activation and reach the multi-languages communication. It is in fact through dedicated technological devices that buying decisions can be anticipated with a personalised offer from the Retailers.”

Gruppo Pozzi would like to thank its TR Clients for the thrilling projects we have been involved into during TFWA Cannes 2017 and is looking forward to start working on TFWA 2018 upcoming editions:

– TFWA Singapore (6-10 May 2018)
– TFWA Cannes (30 September – 5 October 2018).
– TFWA Cannes Digital Village (2 – 5 October 2018)

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