Fondazione Prada Campus Milan

Fondazione Prada Campus Milan

  • Posted on 26 May 2015
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At the beginning of May, Fondazione Prada opened its doors in Milan. This is the second Prada office in Italy (the first was in Venice): 19.000 m2 in the southern suburbs of Milan, 11.000 m2 of which are entirely devoted to artThe project of Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and its OMA studio has enhanced the whole area through a combination ten pre-existing structures and three new buildings. 

The architectural structure, which balances modern and post-industrial elements, creates environments that permit the coexistence, in a perfect equilibrium, old and contemporary, poor and rich, simple and glamorous, openness and intimacy. The architect’s aim was to emphasize contrasts, he seeks harmony and not diversity. In fact, “the ultimate goal is to create – explains the designer – a complex environment, original and rich as the collection of Fondazione Prada, which considers peaceful coexistence between extremes as its basic philosophy.” For this reason, a tower completely covered by gold leaf has been placed in the middle of a housing projects.
In an old distillery of the early twentieth century, new exhibition areas of twentieth and twenty-first century art pieces can be found. A didactic space for children, a bar that recalls the atmosphere of the 50s conceived by director Wes Anderson and a library that is expected to be open 24/7 complete the remarkable project of Fondazione Prada.

It will not be just a museum, but a place of aggregation for families, where Culture is the real star: this space is defined by the architect himself “certainly not an Arcadia, rather a campus, a place of meeting and discussion that can cancel the differences.”

Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, with the ease of contemporary patrons, have therefore been able to associate the new foundation to the Made in Italy concept, which is founded primarily on culture.

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