Where needed, when needed

Thanks to an accurate management in the shipping and the set-up processes, the resources and products are handled safely and with punctuality.

In order to perfectly set-up all of our structures, we have teams of experts available for the various installations: temporary solutions, permanent structures and decoration.

Gruppo Pozzi’s fitters are trained to work in the luxury retail context: therefore, they are efficient, mind the details, and have great problem solving skills. In fact, the set-up of luxury shops requires competences which are specific to the sector.

Furthermore, we have teams of fitters dedicated to travel retail: in this case, the personnel is qualified to work in airports, as they have attended specialized training courses and, especially, have safety certifications which allow them to also work in the duty free areas.

The logistic department organizes the national and international set-ups, meeting the clients’ needs in terms of time and quality. So the department plans the set-ups, communicates with the sales office, the representative Project Manager, the production and the stores, and coordinates the needs of those involved in our business.

Gruppo Pozzi’s logistics service is multipurpose, efficient and well-organized. We follow the transportation of our materials all over the world, and also the support service of temporary and permanent installations is detailed and well-timed. We are able to go wherever our clients ask us to intervene, even during the post-setup phase.

The logistics is that one last piece that makes Gruppo Pozzi’s service complete: it is the accomplishment of a process that comes to life through ideas and creativity, transforms itself into a technical project, is materialized in the product, is complete with the digital sphere and, finally, is fulfilled through the set-up.