What we do

Gruppo Pozzi is proud of its specific know how in the retail and travel retail sectors, acquired in over twenty years of experience.

Our company dedicates itself to the creation of unique installations and original contract solutions, offering our clients a balanced mix of creativity and technology. Gruppo Pozzi creates spaces intended to involve the consumer.

The company works in boutiques and prestigious retail shops, analyzing and creating set-ups which fit the quality standard required by the luxury retail brands. Excellence is indeed the most exclusive representative model for the materials and resources used by Gruppo Pozzi, so they fit perfectly in the Italian and international luxury context.

The travel retail structures are an additional strength for the company, who improves its expertise in the sector day by day. The retail meant for travelers has certain needs and peculiarities which require particular attention from those who serve this constantly growing market. The set-ups taken care of by Gruppo Pozzi, thanks to the experience accrued over the years and to daily activity, are able to involve the itinerant user, centering the leading travel retail brands’ expectations in every detail.

We design, create and set-up exhibitive furniture, pop-up stores and permanent shops for various luxury  brands, proposing digital signage solutions if needed.

Gruppo Pozzi also specialized in museum exhibitions and in the planning of contract solutions, introducing its unconventional character as an added value, also in these sectors. We offer our clients a secure comeback on the investment, thanks to installations studied and achieved to capture the user’s interest.

The brands that turn to our company can count on a 360 degrees professional support, from the creative studies, technological experimentation, design and production to logistics and set-ups.