Constant innovation

Our LAB provides the clients with the tools of tomorrow for the challenges of today’s market. Gruppo Pozzi’s Research and Development department combines simple and reliable technological solutions, helping brands and institutions bring out their potential.

In fact, retail and digital technology have a very strong connection. New technologies are an essential tool for brands both in the luxury retail and travel retail industries since they can draw the clients’ interest, making them enjoy unconventional, unique and custom buying experiences.

The success of retail strategies depends on the ability to value the relation between brand and user, increasing the customer retention: the set-ups that include digital devices represent key instruments for achieving this objective.

These are the premises behind the activity of our LAB, the technological incubator which gathers young, brilliant and outside the box thinking minds.

Inside the LAB, technology becomes accessible, adaptable and customizable, depending on the brand’s needs. Some examples of technologies are displayed at our headquarters, to allow our client to grasp the LAB’s concept, even through a brief visit, and to realize how digital tools can be combined in their set-up designs.

During the years, we have developed digital signage systems which include olfactory experiences, interactive windows and holograms. These solutions can be updated with new contents while advertising campaigns or others, chosen by the brand, interchange. The use of these tools, with digital contents that respect the client’s guidelines faithfully, guarantees the cohesion of the brand identity inside the various shops.

As for corporate and museum events, we use augmented reality and well-designed multi-touch tables, to guarantee the perfect combination of technology with the rest of the set-up.

Our experience in the travel retail field brought us to integrate specific software for airports, such as multi language informative systems and programs for the use of devices on kiosk mode.