About us

Gruppo Pozzi creates unique and innovative buying environments worldwide. Gruppo Pozzi works in the retail and travel retail industries, guaranteeing a total service for the most prestigious luxury brands. Born in 1990, the company made creativity, product quality, and research its strengths, allowing the business to grow over the years.

To this day, the company has four offices: Milan, Rome, Hong Kong and Paris.

The international aspect of the company is due to a business choice, careful to the development of the global market: Gruppo Pozzi decided to bring its contribution, in terms of Italian quality, abroad and, at the same time, fully inserted itself in contexts of growth and innovation, which impose revolution and research as a daily purpose.

The company works constantly to identify an always closer relation between retail and design. We want the user to approach the product in each project, enhancing the spaces and researching an innovative relation between the product and its buyer. Each organ of the company proceeds with the only intent to create original sites, from creativity management, design and production to logistics and set-up.

Gruppo Pozzi conveys its unconventional character also thanks to the significant investments in new technologies, which allow customized and captivating retail solutions, based on the brand’s needs.

Working with the best international luxury brands imposes care and attention at every step. The most famous brands of cosmetics, fashion, hi-tech, food & beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical are Gruppo Pozzi’s clients.


118 Clients in the luxury sector
35 Years of Experience
1500 Average number of projects delivered per year
47 Countries covered


We create buying experiences, engaging the user through unique design solutions, adding value to your business in the retail and luxury industries.


Being the representative design company in the luxury retail and travel retail sectors for the brands who want to offer a cohesive and original brand experience. Gruppo Pozzi’s enthusiasm and dynamism are reflected in our vision: we look ahead and we are convinced that the future’s success relies in the capability of investing in research, development, but especially in people and their potentiality.


We aim to put the person at the center. We want to establish relationships based on trust, esteem and respect with our partners. We guarantee our staff a working environment that stimulates professional growth, considering the several personal needs and emphasizing the merit. Environmental sustainability is another key value for Gruppo Pozzi: we reduce the impact of activity on the environment to the minimum, paying attention to the disposal of waste; furthermore, the 90% of the energy we use comes from renewable sources.

some statistics

Customer retention rate
Energy from renewable resources
Profits reinvested into the company